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Delve deeper and immerse yourself in the stories of Wexford, the cornerstone of Ireland's Ancient East, with a custom tour just for you!

"I grew up in the tourism sector, my father a successful hotelier and publican in Dublin and my Grandmother ran a lovely guesthouse here in Wexford. It has always been my dream to establish a tour company that creates a personal connection with each of my guests, while showcasing the rich heritage and culture that is the island of Ireland. 

A total history nerd and lover of all things Irish, I thoroughly enjoy gallivanting around the place, making memories and having new adventures.

Ever since I was a small child, I’ve adored the stories of the Tuatha De Dannan, Cuchulain, the Fianna and all the magic and mystery of my Ancient Celtic ancestors 1000s of years ago.

Living in Wexford has given me a deep interest and appreciation for Medieval Ireland, those dark days of conquest, when first the Vikings and then the Normans arrived, the witchcraft trials of Kilkenny, the Black Death and fantastic figures with names like Strongbow, Raymond le Gros (the fat!), Diarmaid MacMurchadha na Ngall (Dermot of the foreigners).

Growing up, my mother restored period houses, this gave myself and my two sisters a fascination of the Georgian and the Victorian era. While my father won many awards for his celebration of Victorian and Edwardian pubs. This era is so compelling, their rigid social hierarchy, the strict rules they lived by, and the intriguing lives of the rule breakers, the smugglers, the pirates and most importantly for us here, the rebels and revolutionaries like Wolfe Tone and Robert Emmet. 

Five years ago, I began running tours for foreign students staying locally, I enjoyed it so much I left my full-time job to finally open my own company – Gallivanting Tours and so here we are today. 

They say the past is like a different country, so let me be your guide as we travel back in time to ancient Ireland, you’ll be totally intrigued by some of the tales I have to tell you!"

Lorraine, Gallivanting Tours

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